Alcohol and Drug Awareness Course


Educate course attendees about the dangers of alcohol and other drugs particularly as they relate to the driving task.


  • Familiarize attendees with various categories of drugs including legal, illicit, and over the counter medications
  • Educate attendees about how various drugs effect the body and the driving task
  • Inform attendees of various laws surrounding alcohol and other drugs
  • Illustrate the negative effects alcohol/ drugs have on one’s personal life
  • Understand the impact of alcohol/drugs on the driving task
  • Outline consequences for future illegal behavior with alcohol/drugs
  • Development of personal commitment plan to avoid future legal or financial problems

Consumer Base

The NTSI Alcohol/Drug Awareness Course is for individuals who have alcohol or other drug related offenses and need additional education.  DUI/DWI  offenders, Minor in Possession of  Alcohol (MIP), drug and paraphernalia possession, and individuals under the influence when arrested for other charges are suitable attendees.

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