DIVERSION PROGRAM. This includes violations received while driving a personal and/or commercial vehicles.

PER A.R.S. 28-3392(c)(2)

*Violations marked “CM” need prior approval by presiding judge of the jurisdictional court

Eligible Violations

Full List of Violations

28-644A1 CV
28-644A2 CV
28-645A1A CV
28-645A1B CV
28-645A3A CV
28-645A3B CV
28-645A3C CV
28-645B CV
28-645C CV
28-646A1 CV
28-647.1 CV
28-647.2 CV
28-651 CV
28-701.02A1 CM*
28-701.02A2 CM*
28-701.02A3 CM*
28-701A CV
28-701E CV
28-702.01C CV
28-702.04B CV
28-704A CV
28-704C CV
28-705 CV
28-706A CV
28-706B CV
28-709A1 CV
28-709A2 CV
28-710A CV
28-710B CV
28-721A CV
28-721B CV
28-722 CV
28-723.1 CV
28-723.2 CV
28-724A CV
28-724B CV
28-725 CV
28-726A1 CV
28-726A2 CV
28-726A3 CV
28-727 CV
28-728B CV
28-728B CV
28-728C CV
28-729.1 CV
28-729.2 CV
28-729.3 CV
28-730A CV
28-730B CV
28-730C CV
28-731 CV
28-732 CV
28-733B CV
28-734 CV
28-735A CV
28-736B1 CV
28-736B2 CV
28-737A CV
28-751.1 CV
28-751.2 CV
28-751.3 CV
28-751.4A CV
28-751.4B CV
28-752 CV
28-753 CV
28-754A CV
28-754B CV
28-754C CV
28-755 CV
28-771A CV
28-771C CV
28-772 CV
28-773A CV
28-773B CV
28-774 CV
28-775A CV
28-775A1 CV
28-775A2 CV
28-775A3 CV
28-775C CV
28-775D CV
28-775D1 CV
28-775D2 CV
28-775E CV
28-775E1 CV
28-775E2 CV
28-776A CV
28-792A CV
28-792B CV
28-794.1 CV
28-794.2 CV
28-794.3 CV
28-797.F CV
28-797.G CV
28-797.H CV
28-797.I CV
28-815D CV
28-851A CV
28-851B CV
28-852 CV
28-853A CV
28-854A1 CV
28-854A2A CV
28-854A2B CV
28-854A3 CV
28-854B CV
28-855B CV
28-855C CV
28-856.1 CV
28-856.2 CV
28-856.3 CV
28-857A1 CV
28-857A2 CV
28-858 CV
28-891A CV
28-891B CV
28-894 CV
28-895A CV
28-895B CV
28-896 CV
28-897 CV
28-901A1 CV
28-901A2 CV
28-903A CV
28-903B CV
28-903C CV
28-903D CV
28-904A CV
28-906 CV
999 CV
999 CO