Young adult driver practicing safe driving.

The SNAP program is geared toward young adults!

It is that time of year again in which the children go “BACK TO SCHOOL!”

Therefore please remember and remind others: Drive slowly around schools; stop at flashing lights and when the stop sign is extended on school buses. Watch out for children darting out into the street!

As you already know from teaching the Traffic Survival Workshop, NTSI has always focused on the person who takes our course to understand that their values and attitudes plays a huge role in their behavior when driving. NTSI has developed a course called Safe New Attitude Program (SNAP), which focuses on drivers between the ages of 16 and 25.  You make ask: what are the benefits for a young driver taking this course? Since it does not give insurance discount or point reduction; I would just simply say to “Save Lives.”

I am sure you would all agree that our young drivers’ lives are valuable, and the more education they receive would be beneficial for keeping them safe.  It is important that they understand the consequences of peer pressure, drinking and driving, distracted driving, texting and driving, and how they may affect their lives.

Now you are probably wondering how you can get young drivers to take the Safe New Attitude Program. Here are some ideas/suggestion you can use to sell the Safe New Attitude Product. Visit a local college or high school and let them know about the course and its importance for our young drives.  Go to insurance companies in your area and perhaps after hearing the benefits, they will give a discount to any young driver, like they do for students with good grades.  If you are a driving school, you could simply advertise with a flyer in your window and tell the parents who come in to register their soon-to-be new drivers. Make sure the young adults in your life have a Safe New Attitude about driving!


 Texting and Driving

More American drivers are texting while driving despite additional legal measures!

It is estimated there were 3,092 deaths in crashes affected by driver distractions in 2010. About half of American drivers between 21 and 24 say they’ve thumbed messages or emailed from the driver’s seat. Of late, the most frequent form of distraction while driving has been due to cell phone use and texting. To read the full article, click here.

 Texting teen lucky to be ALIVE!

Witnesses said the 18-year-old was text messaging and driving erratically. The teen made a U-turn and then careened off the side of the highway, slamming into a fence.

Although this accident occurred in Washington State, it CAN happen anywhere!

   NY driver accused of texting in bicyclist death!

NEWFANE, N.Y. — Authorities say a 25-year-old driver was speeding and texting before she hit and killed a 68-year-old bicyclist in western New York two weeks ago. Niagara County Sheriff’s deputies say Alicia Westgate of Newfane was charged Tuesday with speeding, texting, reckless driving and failure to use due care.

Investigators say Westgate had two children in her car when she ran into bicyclist Richard Webb on a rural road in the town of Newfane just after noon July 16.

 Police catch 3,000+ texting & driving!

ALBANY, N.Y. (WIVB) – State Police say they issued more than 3,000 tickets for texting while driving. This was part of the second “Operation Hang Up Campaign” in April. Governor Andrew Cuomo says that is evidence that people haven’t gotten the message about the hazards of distracted driving.



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New members of the NTSI team!

The NY office would like to welcome the following new agencies/instructors who have recently joined the NTSI team.

GM Driver Safety
Linda and Frank Defensive Course
TEVRAW Strategies/Elvis Rosario
Nelson Robles
Patricia Larzelelere
Jodie Tyler

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