Beer, Wine, and Liquor

Beer, Wine, and Liquor     Differences and Similarities in Alcoholic Beverages   Alcohol is a very old recreational drug, and its use is common all over the world. Some alcoholic beverages have even become icons of the cultures that invented them, like tequila and Mexican culture, or sake and Japanese culture. As a beverage… Read More

Driver’s License Status

Driver’s License Status What to expect when a license is suspended or revoked Though the process of obtaining one may vary a little from state to state, every driver in the United States must have a valid driver’s license (or learner’s permit) to be legal on the road. A license certifies that a person has… Read More

How to Avoid a DUI

How to Avoid a DUI     Urban Myths and Reality I only had two beers, and those after I ate a large meal. A mint or two, extra care to obey every traffic law on the way home, and I have nothing to worry about.   This is a delusion too many indulge in… Read More

The People v. Watson

The People v. Watson In the early morning hours of January 3, 1979, Robert Watson got into his vehicle after a night of drinking. He sped away from the bar he had patronized. Watson narrowly avoided a collision after running a red light, braking in time to come to a stop in the intersection. After… Read More

Mixing Cannabis with Ethanol

Mixing Cannabis with Ethanol Scientifically, the consensus is unanimous: consuming alcohol impairs driving ability and increases the risk of crashing. The United States of America has seen decades of public awareness campaigns educating drivers about the dangers and consequences of drinking and driving. What we haven’t seen as frequently are warnings about consuming THC—the chemical… Read More

DUI: Most Recent Statistics

DUI: Most Recent Statistics Driving while under the influence of alcohol is an incredibly irresponsible thing to do, but 36 years since the tragic accident that led to the formation of MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) too many Americans still choose to get behind the wheels of their cars after drinking. The National Highway Traffic… Read More

Designated Drivers and Alternative Transportation

Designated Drivers and Alternative Transportation The cars of the future will drive themselves. They will be faster, more efficient, and safer than any car ever driven by any human. You will be able to eat, drink, or even sleep while an automated chauffeur quickly and safely drives you to your next destination. Motor vehicle crashes… Read More

Average Cost of First and Second DUI’s

Average Cost of First and Second DUI’s Driving while drunk is dangerous for the driver and for everyone else on or near the road. In fact, when driving with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) at or above the legal limit set by most states, a fatal crash is at least eleven times more likely than… Read More

Peer pressure

Peer Pressure Imagine that you work at a small business. Every employee knows every other employee by name, and you all work closely together on a regular basis. Christmas is coming up, and every year the staff participates in an optional Secret Santa gift exchange. After last year’s Secret Santa, you told yourself that you… Read More

Dangers of marijuana

Dangers of marijuana Unless you have been living in a cave in the wilds of a national forest, you know that proponents of cannabis use have been pushing hard for the decriminalization—and, in some cases, the legalization—of cannabis in the United States. No doubt you have heard anecdotal testimony about the benefits of using cannabis… Read More

Being a responsible driver

Being a responsible driver Since their invention a little more than a century ago, automobiles have become integral to the workings of modern civilization. Cars and trucks are ubiquitous in industrialized countries like the United States of America, to the extent that motor vehicles are largely taken for granted. How many drivers get into their… Read More

Alcohol and the Brain

Alcohol and the Brain Tom finishes his business, zips up his pants, and flushes the toilet. I told Matt that I could make it to the restroom on my own, he thinks smugly to himself. He turns on the faucet to wash his hands when, suddenly, it hits him: he doesn’t actually recall walking to… Read More


Self-Esteem Most of us know, intuitively, that self-esteem is related to happiness. If you have low self-esteem, if you tend to think poorly of yourself, it seems obvious that happiness will be difficult to attain and maintain; with high self-esteem, the opposite seems obvious. Indeed, though self-esteem is a difficult and complicated subject to study… Read More

Legal consequences

The United States of America is a nation of laws. From federal laws all the way down to municipal codes, nearly every aspect of our lives is defined and bound by legislation. All civilizations worthy of the title require laws which govern the way citizens interact with one another, with businesses, and with their governments… Read More

Ignition Interlock Devices

Imagine a world with fewer injuries resulting from crashes with drunk drivers at the wheel, and even fewer deaths caused by those kinds of crashes. Imagine a world in which motor vehicles are intelligent enough to prevent inebriated persons from taking to the roads. You might imagine vehicles that emit an electric hum as they… Read More

Deicision Making

DECISION MAKING Have you ever rolled a die to decide who goes first in a game? Flipped a coin to decide between two outfits you really wanted to wear? Relying on chance is a perfectly legitimate way to make decisions for yourself in some cases, but only when the outcome of any decision isn’t really… Read More


Stress You’ve lived through the 2016 U.S. presidential election, so you are undoubtedly familiar with some of the physical and emotional effects that stress can have on the human body. Just reading the word can be enough to trigger a stress response. Thanks, brain. What exactly is stress, and is it good for anything at… Read More

Sober Recreation

Sober Recreation What are you going to do for fun now?. This will be one of the most important questions—among many others—that you will ask yourself when you start on your road to recovery from addiction. How you answer that question will greatly influence, for better or for worse, the likelihood that you lapse or… Read More

Dependency and Codependency

Dependency and Codependency Recovering from substance abuse can be difficult. Know why. Many who are recovering from substance abuse have become dependent on their substances of choice. That dependence is just as real and powerful an influencer of continued use as is the addiction to the substance. As though that isn’t enough of a challenge… Read More

Alcoholism and the Family

Alcoholism and the Family I’m alone in my head. My thoughts, my perception of the world are isolated to my consciousness. I can share my thoughts and perceptions using words, and another person can intellectually understand those words and the meaning behind them, but no one other than me can experience the workings of my… Read More

Tools of Sobriety

Tools of Sobriety It wasn’t easy getting here. You’ve accepted that you may have a problem. You’re still reading, so maybe you know there’s no two ways about it: you have a problem. Maybe it was the stress of not making enough money to keep your family comfortable, despite working too many hours at a… Read More

Relapse Prevention

Relapse Prevention You had a bad day today. You found out you didn’t get the promotion you had been worrying after for weeks. Worse, when you got out to your car at the end of your shift, you discovered that one of the tires had gone flat. On your way home, you took the route… Read More

Physiological Effects of Alcohol and Drugs

Physiological Effects of Alcohol and Drugs Recreational use of drugs and alcohol is, at best, not good for us; at worst, it is a pastime with disastrous, sometimes fatal results. So why do we keep using them? Well, by and large, it seems to be a normal behavior for our species, and we’ve been doing… Read More

Recovery Resources

Recovery Resources The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services published in its Behavioral Health Barometer (United States, 2015) report that in 2014, an estimated 24.1 million people aged 12 or older were dependent on or abused chemical substances in the United States. With so… Read More

9 Ways To Track Your Teen With Today’s New Technology

Driver using car navigation system!

9 Ways To Track Your Teen With Today’s New Technology Winter Driving Dangers With all the hazards that come with the winter months, here are a few tips to help you avoid dangerous situations. Make sure to look into the list below before getting out on the road! Increase stopping distance Keep your windshield and… Read More

NTSI’s Florida BDI Courses Now Offered In Spanish

Multiple languages represented in speech bubble

NTSI Now Offers a Florida BDI Course In Spanish Four Reasons To Take This Course: To satisfy a court order Voluntarily to receive a reduction in violation points or insurance discount TCAC (Traffic Collision Avoidance Course) As an employer recommendation Details NTSI’s Florida BDI course is now offered in Spanish! This course is available in… Read More

Drunk Driving means Accidents and Legal Inconveniences

Young man takes field sobriety test

Drunk Driving means Accidents and Legal Inconveniences   Drunk driving brings nothing but trouble and misery. Penalties for DUI, even for the first offense, have been increased all around. There are even state laws that now enforce mandatory jail time especially for repeat offenders. But the worst thing that can happen is losing your limb… Read More

Dos and Don’ts on Safe Driving

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Dos and Don’ts on Safe Driving   Car accidents are the leading cause of death. Automobile technology may have improved by leaps and bounds in terms of ensuring road safety and convenience. But because of human error, the grim statistics on vehicular accidents continue to pile up. The best way to reduce the risk of… Read More

Phone Use While Driving As Dangerous As DUI

Phone Use While Driving As Dangerous As DUI     With the advent of mobile phone technology comes a new menace to road safety and human lives. Text messaging or using a mobile phone while driving now accounts for most car crashes that used to be attributed solely to driving under the influence or DUI… Read More

Defensive Driving is Safe Driving

Young woman driver aware of her surroundings

Defensive Driving is Safe Driving “Defensive driving is driving your car in such a way that you avoid collisions and accidents regardless of the conditions and/or actions of the other drivers around you.” This term was first used by the National Safety Council when it launched back in 1964 a systematic driving course based on… Read More

Safe New Attitude Program

Young driver

SAFE NEW ATTITUDE PROGRAM   It is that time of year again in which the children go “BACK TO SCHOOL!” Therefore please remember and remind others: Drive slowly around schools; stop at flashing lights and when the stop sign is extended on school buses. Watch out for children darting out into the street! As you… Read More

WA Online Spanish Available Now

Woman using laptop

Washington Online Spanish Available Now   Our Washington online Spanish Traffic Level 1 class is available now through our website as an alternative to our Washington online English Traffic Level 1 course for those who can’t read English. There are numerous benefits to this course such as point reduction or  ticket dismissal depending on which… Read More

NTSI’s SNAP Is Now Online!

SNAP Is Now Online!   SNAP Is Now Online NTSI’s SNAP is now online to cater to your schedule! Students are no longer limited to a classroom format to take our SNAP program. NTSI now offers this program both online and in a classroom format for both English and Spanish students. SNAP is an acronym… Read More

Texting And Driving Legal in CA (Almost)

California Governor Jerry Brown

Texting And Driving in CA   In 2009, texting while driving became illegal in California. Makes perfect sense when you think about it, since making or receiving phone calls when driving became illegal just one year earlier but did not address the distraction of texting. Hardly a day goes by, however, that we don’t read… Read More

Live Classroom Traffic School

NTSI Offers Classroom Traffic School Arizona Idaho Texas California New Jersey Washington Connecticut New York Virginia Florida Oregon * Additional court and state fees apply, price will vary depending on what county are you taking the course for. For live classroom traffic school or to view other courses by NTSI click on your state below… Read More

NTSI and the University of Hawaii Partner with Safe New Attitude Program (SNAP)

NTSI partnered with Hawaii as seen in a handshake

NTSI and the University of Hawaii Partner with Safe New Attitude Program (SNAP)   NTSI is excited to announce a new relationship with University of Hawaii on a project the University developed called “IDecide.” This exciting new relationship enables NTSI to help the University spread the message of IDecide about the decisions teens make regarding… Read More

Marketing, What works!

The essentials terms of Marketing

  “Marketing, What Works,” is designed to allow school owners and their staff to share ideas on what they have done to market their school and what they have found to be successful. The following are some ideas for ways to market NTSI programs. Keep in mind that very little gets sold over the phone… Read More

Pitfalls Of Starting A New School

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In Pitfalls of Starting a New School you will find articles on subjects related to operating a successful traffic school. In the first article “Pitfalls of Starting a New School” you will be introduced to 25 common traits of Fortune Top 500 companies.

The most common pitfall of starting a successful driving school is…

Marketing your School through relationships

Network with those around you

Marketing Your School Through Relationships   One effective marketing tool is to leverage those you know in the business. A few initial benefits to marketing your school through relationships is that they know who you are and generally what you do. So how does one do this? Here are a few ideas: Who? Courts Police… Read More