NTSI and the University of Hawaii

NTSI is excited to announce a new partnership with University of Hawaii’s School of Nursing and Dental Hygiene on a project – conducted and evaluated by researchers at the University – called the “IDecide Project”. This exciting new relationship has been formed so that NTSI can help the University spread the word about the IDecide Project’s educational videos that address the decision teens and their parents need to discuss before teens apply for their first driver’s license – the choice to become a designated organ donor on the DMV application.

With funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) the University developed an educational video to help soon-to–be licensed teens be more informed about the facts and feelings surrounding the choice to be or not be a designated organ donor on their driver’s license. There is also a parent video that provides tips on how to begin a conversation with their teen about this important decision. You can learn more about IDecide and watch these two videos at: http://prevention.manoa.hawaii.edu/idecide/.

NTSI’s involvement with this project will be as follows:

  • To help disseminate this message and access to the Idecide videos through links on our website and embedded within our online courses.
  • To include information in NTSI classroom courses about the project and video. Since most of our participants are already licensed drivers, our goal will be to reach parents and siblings who can discuss this issue with their sons, daughters, brothers and sisters about this important decision. Deciding to be a designated organ donor can occur whenever a driver’s license is renewed or at any time by going to the Donate Life America website: http://donatelife.net/ – and selecting your home state.
  • To include information about the IDecide Project’s videos in our Florida pre-licensing course to reach teens who are at a decision point on this issue.
  • To help promote the project through attendance at a joint press conference and through press releases.

PRESS CONFERENCE: The partnership between NTSI and the UH School of Nursing was kicked off at a press conference in Honolulu, HI on April 4th. The University
retained a media consultant to develop written press releases as well as to coordinate the press conference that was held at the University.

NTSI was represented at the joint press conference by Greg Cupper, President . In addition to TV news stories announcing the partnership there was an article in the University of Hawaii’s campus newspaper “Kaleo” (see http://www.kaleo.org/news/local-organ-donor-project-goes-national/article_f6750d3a-8390-11e1-ad61-0019bb30f31a.html). Thus, NTSI received a fair amount of publicity which enhanced our visibility and will gain us more national prominence through partnerships such as this.

Below are three short “Public Service Announcements” developed by the IDecide Project featuring teens and a mom discussing the decision to become a designated organ donor on a driver’s license. Please note that it may take a few moments to download.

PSA 2 – Video 2
PSA 3 – Video 3
PSA 5 – Video 5