Driving While License is Suspended Course


This course is designed for individuals whose licenses have been suspended for one reason or another.  It is sometimes used as a part of a process to work toward reinstatement through each attendee reviewing  their driver’s license record and determine what steps are required for them to have their driving privileges re-instated. Topics include responsibility and choice, personality traits, anger management, time management, stress, aggressive driving and driving under the influence.


  • Accept responsibility for their actions and to understand its impact on their driver’s license record and life
  • Recognize and evaluate their current driving patterns and learn ways to change them
  • Become familiar with laws with regard to driving while their driver’s license is suspended / revoked
  • Provide suggestions on ways to re-instate their driving privilege
  • Develop a personal action plan to facilitate desired changes in their driving behavior

Consumer Base

The DWLS program was developed for use by courts and state licensing agencies as part of sentencing requirements for those individuals convicted of operating a motor vehicle while their driving privileges were suspended or revoked.

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