Safety Articles

Texas Defensive Driving Course Eligibility Requirements

Texas has a program that enables drivers to attend a six (6) hour course to have certain moving violations (tickets) dismissed.  There are various formats in which state -approved courses are offered including classroom, online, dvd or video courses.

Traffic safety facts 2002

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Traffic Safety Facts 2002: A Compilation of Motor Vehicle Crash Data. This report provides useful statistics on traffic crashes of all severities.

The Car Insurance Bump: How Much Tickets Actually Cost You

According to an analysis of nearly 500,000 policy quotes conducted by, getting a single ticket can raise an average driver’s auto insurance premiums by as much as 22%.

Tougher Arizona Laws will Save Lives

With the growing number of fatalities in Southern Arizona involving young drivers, it is critical that we unite to pass strong graduated licensing and primary seat belt laws. The time is now to strengthen our resolve to toughen Arizona’s traffic laws.

Bicycle Safety

Many people do not think about the dangers associated with riding a bicycle. Bicyclists should obey the traffic laws and use a bicycle with the proper equipment. Click on the Bicycle Safety link to review the recommendations provided by the NTSI.

Camping and Hiking Safety

Camping and hiking can be a lot of fun both for individuals and families. However, there are potential hazards that can turn fun into tragedy in the blink of an eye. Click on the Camping and Hiking Safety link to look at the recommendations provided by the NTSI for keeping your camping and hiking trip safe.

Cellular Phone Road Safety Tips

The use of cellular telephones is growing every day. Cell phones can be a useful tool but also can pose some dangers if not used correctly. There are guidelines all motorists should consider when driving their vehicle and utilizing a cell phone. Click on the Cellular Phone Road Safety Tips link to consider the recommendations made by the NTSI.

Christmas Safety Tips

For most families, Christmas is one of the most enjoyable times of the year. Yet, there are perils that can turn the holidays into a disaster. Click on the Christmas Safety Tips link to reflect on the ideas given by the NTSI to help make your Christmas a special memory.

Fireplace Safety

Sitting by a fireplace with the glow of the fire reflecting on our faces is a great way to relax. Yet, each year some homes are destroyed by fire as a result of the improper care of the fireplace. Take a minute to consider the fireplace safety tips provided by the NTSI. Just click on the Fireplace Safety link to review some safety suggestions.

Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is the time of year that we plan on being frightened. We enjoy seeing both children and adults dressed up in costumes. There are some important facts to consider when sending our children out as trick-or-treaters or to Halloween parties. Click on the Halloween Safety Tips link to reflect on the recommendations provided by the NTSI to keep your Halloween incident free.

Ladder Safety

Did you know that falls are the leading cause of accidental death for Americans after traffic crashes? Following some ladder safety hints may prevent a serious injury or even death. Click on the Ladder Safety link to view some recommendations made by the NTSI to help protect yourself and others.

Lawn Mower Safety

Yard work for some is a chore and for others it is a pleasurable experience. In either case, there are some safety procedures everyone should follow to make the task of yard work mishap free. Click on the Lawn Mower Safety link to look at some safety tips provided by the NTSI.

Summer Safety Tips

Summer time means fun for millions of people. For some, the fun turns into a painful experience. To keep the fun in your summer, the NTSI urges that the following recommendations be considered. Click on the Summer Safety Tips link to review these simple safety ideas.

Sun Safety Tips

Most of us enjoy being outside on a sunny day. Sometimes we forget that the sun can also cause burns, heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Click on the Sun Safety Tips link to see how you can protect yourself and your loved ones from the damage that can be cause by exposure to the sun’s rays.

Swimming Safety Tips

Swimming can be loads of fun and is a great way to exercise. Yet, drowning is a leading cause of unintentional death in America. Each year more than 1,000 children under the age of 14 drown. Click on the Swimming Safety Tips link to see how you can help prevent drowning.

How Tire Smart Are You?

Have you ever considered how important the tires on our vehicles are? Having adequate tires on your vehicle could save your life. Take the “How Tire Smart Are You” quiz by clicking on the How Tire Smart Are You link.

Truck Safety Fact Sheet

More than 200,000 collisions involving at least one passenger car and one large truck happen each year in the United States. As drivers, we should think about the fact that large trucks do not drive like automobiles. Trucks tend to have special hazards. It is a wise vehicle operator that considers defensive driving techniques when driving near large trucks. Click on the Truck Safety Fact Sheet link to find the recommendations given by the NTSI to remain safe when driving near any large vehicle.

Winter Driving Safety Tips

Winter driving may mean traveling on snow and ice covered roads. Winter driving can be dangerous, but with a little planning and common sense, the precarious elements of winter driving can be made safer. Click on the Winter Driving Safety Tips link to learn some ways the NTSI suggests to make your winter driving as safe as possible.

Work Zone Safety Tips

Did you know that over 1,000 individuals died in work-zone related crashes in the United States during 2000? Driving in work-zones presents a host of hazards for both drivers and the workers. To see some ideas presented by the NTSI on preventing collisions in a work zone, click on the Work Zone Safety Tips link.