Traffic School

There are many reasons people choose to attend traffic school. It often proves to be well worth the cost. If you receive a moving violation ticket, often it is simply easier to attend a traffic school rather than fighting the ticket. With NTSI, we offer online as well traditional classroom setting to help make traffic school as convenient as possible for participants. It offers participants in many states the opportunity to voluntarily repair their driving record.

Our DMV traffic school online often operates as a sanctioned course by the state and its courts. In several states you may be able to have your points reduced by taking a traffic survival school online or a defensive driving course.

The amount of points that can be reduced and the associated waiting period vary from state to state. Click on the state page to find the requirements for your state.
Otherwise, points may stay on your license for years to come and thus affecting your insurance rates.

So, another good reason for taking online traffic school is that some states also offer an insurance rate reduction for completion and/or defensive driving certifications. Give us a call today to check out the affordable driving courses that may be right for you.