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Arizona Defensive Driving Program (4.5 hours)

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Court fees vary. To determine your individual Defensive Driving course fees, click here.

For a complete list of eligible violations for a Defensive Driving course, click here.

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The Arizona Defensive Driving Course must be completed at least 7 days prior to your court date in order to have the citation dismissed.

In order to qualify for a full refund, you must call to cancel the payment within two days from date registration for a Defensive Driving class. After the third day, you will only receive a partial refund. If you decide not to take the Defensive Driving online course, we can reschedule you for a live Defensive Driving class at no additional cost; however, should you start the Defensive Driving online course and request a refund, you will only receive a partial refund. If after attending a defensive driving class, it is determined that you are ineligible, a refund will not be provided.

Please note, a legible copy of your citation and government issued ID must be received and reviewed by our staff prior to being able to access the Defensive Driving online course. Payment must also be made in full prior to the Defensive Driving online course being activated.

The Arizona Defensive Driving Program satisfies the requirement set
forth by the Arizona Supreme Court.

The benefits of taking an NTSI online or classroom defensive driving course are numerous. Some benefits include your citation being dismissed and not being sent to the MVD. No points will be assessed and you can avoid increased insurance rates. The flexible schedule available allows you to take the defensive driving class as an online defensive driving course at your own pace or in a classroom with a certified instructor. At NTSI, our traffic school has proven to reduce the recidivism rate.

Check in today to see if you are eligible to take the Arizona defensive driving course for your citation.

NOTE: Only one defensive driving class may be taken every 12 months from the day of the citation.

Factors influencing the use of the driving course for your citation include:

  • CDL License holders are ineligible to attend a Defensive Driving course
  • Citation cannot have occurred while operating a commercial vehicle
  • No criminal violations without prior permission from the court
  • The citation did not involve a traffic crash which resulted in serious injury
    or death
  • Student must complete the Defensive Driving course at least 7 days prior to the court date.
  • Juveniles have to have permission from the court to attend or take the online Defensive Driving course

For a complete list of eligible violations that are elegibe to take the Defensive Driving class, click here.

Check out our FAQ’s

NTSI is certified under the Arizona Supreme Court Defensive Driving Program

Court fees vary. To determine your individual course fees, click here

Traffic Survival School

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Individuals ordered to attend Traffic Survival School will receive notification from Arizona MVD to attend.

Reasons to attend Traffic Survival School include:

  • Red light running
  • Accumulate excessive points
  • Juveniles who admit guilt to a first time offense
  • Repeat offenders
  • Individuals convicted of a DUI

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Life Skills/Civic Responsibility (Misdemeanor Program)

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This workshop explores concepts embracing civic responsibility. Clients review moral and legal obligations and opportunities for service to their community. Topics include attitude, anger management, budget management, communication skills, community responsibility, personal responsibility, stress management and substance abuse.

Individuals may be court ordered to attend Life Skills/ Civic Responsibility Misdemeanor Program as part of a diversion plan for those individuals charged with misdemeanor crimes.

Want to learn more about our Life Skill/Civic Responsibility Program?

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