New York Defensive Driving Course

Approved by the state of New York, complete our engaging, easy-to-finish online course for just $24.95!

  • Learn the latest rules and regulations on the roads and highways
  • Receive a discount on your auto insurance
  • Reduce points on your driving record
  • Satisfy a court order

Defensive Driving Course


This 6-hour defensive driving program must be completed within 30 days of registration.


NTSI offers the DMV accredited New York Defensive Driving Course in a live classroom with a certified instructor or 100% online from the comfort of your home!

As part of the requirements of The NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission (TLC) all new or renewing drivers must complete a New York Defensive Driving Course.

If you are looking to save money and reduce your driving points, NTSI’s Defensive Driving program qualifies for the New York Point and Insurance Reduction Program (PIRP).

Whether you are looking for a New York online defensive driving course or in a classroom, NTSI is the traffic safety institute for you.

There are many reasons to attend NTSI’s New York Defensive Driving Course, including:

  • To receive a discount on auto insurance
  • A reduction of up to four points from your driving record, available every 18 months
  • As an employer requirement
  • To recognize and reflect on your current driving patterns and, where needed, learn ways to alter negative driving behaviors
  • To satisfy a court requirement
  • To develop safe and courteous defensive driving techniques

NTSI’s New York Defensive Driving Course contains the most current information on defensive driving, collision avoidance, and the dangers of alcohol and drugs.
This course fulfills the 6-hour traffic school requirement for insurance reduction in the state of New York.

Sign up for your online NYDD today and enjoy the benefits countless others have already discovered!

  • Easy Registration
  • 24-Hour Access
  • Free Certificate of Completion
  • Electronic Reporting Directly to the DMV
  • No final exam!

Or find an NTSI Classroom near you to experience a cutting edge learning experience administered by one of our certified Defensive Driving Instructors.


Upon completion of the New York Defensive Driving Course, you are eligible for a 10% reduction in the base rate of your Liability & Collision insurance. Depending on your insurance company, you can begin your insurance discount on the date of course completion, regardless of when your insurance company receives the certificate! The Defensive Driving Course must be completed every 3 years to maintain your insurance discount. Please contact your insurance provider for more details on how this discount for NTSI’s Defensive Driving Course is applied to your auto insurance rates.

The New York Defensive Driving Course can help you reduce up to 4 points from your driving record. This does not apply to points received after the course. It is only applicable to points received within the 18 months before the course. Students may only take this course every 18 months for the purpose of point reduction.

Please note: Points do not get removed from your record. DMV defines the term “point reduction” as meaning points on your driving record will not count toward license revocation or suspension.


If you are an out of state driver with a license from another state and are required by a court to complete a Defensive Driving Course you must take the NY defensive driving class in New York unless you get permission from the judge or DMV to take it in your own state.


Students who have passed module one or have not requested a refund within three (3) business days from the registration date only qualify for a partial refund.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take the course for insurance purposes and point reduction or is it one or the other?

You can take the course for both insurance purposes and point reduction or one or the other.

Do I have to take the defensive driving course all at once?

No, you have up to 30 days to complete the course.

Do you offer the 5-hour prelicensing class?

No, we offer the 6-hour defensive driving course.

How long does it take for my information to be submitted to the DMV?

It takes up to 60 days for the information to appear on your abstract.

How long does it take to receive my certificate in the mail? Can it be emailed or faxed?

Courses that is taken in a classroom takes 4 to 6 weeks. Courses taken online takes 7 to 10 business days. The certificate is printed on watermark paper and therefore cannot be emailed or faxed.

How many points are reduced on my driving record?

Up to 4 points are reduced on your driving record.

If I receive a ticket in New York State but I have an out of state driver’s license driver’s license, what do I need to do in order to have the points on my license reduced?

In order for the points to be reduced on your driver’s license, you will need to contact the NY DMV and ask for a temporary 9-digit number. When you take the course and are asked for your driver’s license you need to enter the temporary number in order to receive credit for taking the course and thereby have your points reduced.

If I took a course and then received a ticket, can I take the course again before the 3 years is up?

If you took the course for the first time for insurance purposes only, you may take the course at any time after paying your ticket. However, if the first time you took it was for point reduction, then you need to wait 18 months in order to take the course again.

Why am I not able to move onto the next module after completing the quiz? The next button is not highlighted.

Each module is timed; therefore, you need to allow the time to run out before you can advance to the next module. The time count down is located in the top right hand corner. Once the time has run out, the next button will be highlighted for you to press and advance to the next module.