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Taking a defensive driving course offered by the National Traffic Safety Institute is a confident way to know that you are receiving quality instruction on safe driving practices. Our Nebraska DMV-approved traffic school helps drivers of all ages, particularly young or high-risk drivers, receive and improve their skills on the road as they learn to follow safety standards.

These courses address issues such as road hazards, substance abuse while driving (drugs and alcohol), as well as driving distractions like cell phones and texting. Our defensive driving course is grounded in the instruction that accountability and the behavior of the driver are the keys to becoming a successful driver. Small adjustments can mean all the difference in maintaining an improved lifelong driving attitude.

Some of the benefits that Nebraska drivers will take from completing this defensive driving course are a reduction in auto insurance rates, avoiding conviction from traffic violations, and a dismissal of points from their licenses. NTSI defensive driving school can be a solution when employers require further driving training, as well as for court appointed orders with the benefit of automatic court reporting.

For nearly 40 years the National Traffic Safety Institute has been considered a respected leader in nationwide traffic safety education. Over one hundred million drivers have completed our defensive driving course and successfully gone on to be more responsible and trusted drivers.
With the help of our qualified team of experts we ensure that every student will receive only the top quality education and training in the field of defensive driving. Contact your local NTSI trained and certified traffic school staffed with professional representatives to begin your defensive driving course.