CDL Refresher Course

This CDL Refresher Course is flexible and applicable to all types of drivers, in all types of vehicles. Plus, it meets or exceeds many insurance company requirements for safety training programs. This course is recognized by many insurance companies as an effective loss-control tool.

CDL Refresher Course

Commercial Driver Safety Training Program

The CDL Refresher Course is a Commercial Driver Safety Training Program that is comprehensive and behavioral-based for the commercial driver. Commercial drivers are considered professionals who have met greater requirements and standards than drivers with other types of licenses. This program is flexible and applicable to drivers who operate a variety of vehicle types, in a variety of work conditions. It is an effective loss-control tool recognized by many insurance companies for commercial accounts.

Online Program Topics

  • The numerous causes of distraction while behind the wheel
  • Defensive driving strategies (e.g. scanning, following distance, adjusting to the road, weather and other conditions experienced while driving)
  • The impact of alcohol and other drugs on safe driving and continued employment
  • The risks and dangers of fatigue and stress while driving
  • Risk reduction elements for safe driving and collision avoidance

Classroom Program Includes

  • An interactive course which focuses on the skills and knowledge commercial drivers need to help improve their safety on the job
  • A comprehensive program which is guided by a 20 page interactive Participant Guide, PowerPoint slides, and an easy-to-understand and use Facilitator Guide with a comprehensive appendix
  • A driver “risk assessment” tool to be used at the course initiation

Instruction that impacts your bottom line

Our CDL Refresher Course was developed for commercial fleet drivers and is designed to reduce collisions, improve safety on the road, and minimize insurance costs. This program can be taken as a stand-alone course or may be combined with other NTSI SAFER Driver™ programs, including our in-vehicle training programs.

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