Connecticut Operator Retraining Program

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  • Satisfy a Department of Motor Vehicle requirement
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  • Avoid a license suspension

Connecticut Operator Retraining Program


You must complete the four hour Connecticut Operator Retraining Course within 60 days of notice.


Connecticut motorists will be required to complete an Operator Retraining Program if they are:

  • 16-17 years of age who have received their first conviction
  • 18-24 years of age who have received their second conviction within a three-year period
  • 25 years of age or older who have received their third conviction within a three-year period

You will be notified by the Department of Motor Vehicles if you are required to take this course.

Subsequent violations require a subsequent completion of the program. As per DMV regulation, this is strictly an in class course and not offered online.

NTSI’s Defensive Driving Course is an approved Connecticut Operator Retraining Program.

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  • 4 Hour Course
  • DMV Approved


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer the child safety program or DUI courses?

At this time we do not offer the child safety program or DUI courses.

How long does it take to have my information sent to the DMV?

It takes two weeks upon completion of the course for the information to be sent to the DMV.

How long in advance do I have before my driver’s license will be suspended upon receipt of the letter from the CT DMV stating that I need to take the Operator Retraining Course?

You have 60 days to take the Operator Retraining course from the notice date indicated on the letter you received from the CT DMV. You will also need to make sure you schedule a class at least 2 weeks before the suspension date in order to make sure your information is sent to the CT DMV before your license gets suspended.

How long is the Operator Retraining Course?

The course is one day for 4 hours.

How much does the Operator Retraining Course cost?

The course cost is $60.00 in which you may pay by credit card or money order.

I received a letter in the mail requiring me to attend an Operator Retraining Course. Can you explain to me why I received this letter?

You received the letter from the CT DMV who requires you to take the Operator Retraining Course because you must have recently received a ticket.

Is the Operator Retraining Course offered online?

No, the course is only available in a classroom.

Who notifies the CT DMV that I have completed the Operator Retraining Course?

NTSI electronically sends the information to the CT DMV.