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  • Lower your auto insurance
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You must receive special permission from a court, employer, or insurance company in order to use these programs. If you take this course and do not have special permission granted by the court, employer, or insurance company, you do so strictly on a voluntary basis.

Traffic Survival Workshop Level 1

NTSI Traffic Survival Workshop (Level 1) contains the most current information on defensive driving, collision avoidance, and the dangers of alcohol and drugs. The Texas defensive driving course fulfills the 6-hour traffic school requirement for the driver cited for minor traffic violations. NTSI is a State of Texas Education Agency (TEA) approved traffic violator school.

No matter what your reason for taking Texas online traffic school, the option to complete the course online means having the option to complete the course work at your own pace. For those individuals who need to complete a defensive driving course but who have a hectic schedule, taking the course online makes it easy to fit into your schedule. You can work on the course at any time of day or night so that it doesn’t interfere with your other obligations like a traditional classroom does.

At NTSI, we take an innovative approach to teaching online defensive driving that is based on proven behavioral modification principals. Personal choice and accountability play a large role in getting real results from the materials that you will study. Although this course can be used to accomplish a number of different purposes, the most important factor is that you walk away with knowledge of how to drive safer and also the incentive to apply what you have learned to a real driving situation.

It couldn’t be easier to register for the online defensive driving course you need to reduce your violation points on your driving record, earn a discount on your insurance, or to satisfy a court order. We make it simpler to take a course that provides you with the important information that makes the difference in how much you really take away from your experience. Learn the most current information on all aspects of safe driving and how to avoid accidents at your convenience.


  • Recognize and reflect on current driving behaviors and, where needed, learn ways to alter negative driving behavior
  • Explains updated and improved defensive driving strategies including how to deal with aggressive drivers
This state HAS NOT yet approved the NTSI program for all users. You must get special permission from this court or insurance company in order to use this program. If you do not have special permission you will be taking the course on a voluntary basis only!
  • Works Around Your Schedule
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Aggressive Driving (Level 2)

The Aggressive Driving program is a defensive driving program aimed at enabling students to identify patterns of behavior that have led to multiple citations, license suspension, or chronic-offender status by courts or Texas licensing authorities.

  • 8 hour program
  • Focused on raising awareness and knowledge on how to effectively change driving behaviors to avoid future citations
  • Designed for individuals with serious offenses, multiple citations or chronic driving issues


  • Accepting responsibility for reckless or aggressive driving behaviors
  • Examining one’s current lifestyle and other issues that may be a factor in illegal and reckless driving behaviors
  • Works Around Your Schedule
  • 100% Online (safe and secure!)
  • Start and Stop Whenever You Like


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