Many states allow the use of defensive driving courses in order to educate traffic-law offenders and offer them an opportunity to avoid a costly conviction or points on their license. For over 45 years NTSI has been a leading provider of defensive driving programs for citation dismissal.

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NTSI’s utilizes a scientifically proven method of instruction known as Choice Theory to ensure that drivers accept personal responsibility for their driving behaviors.

Our core focus on how Values + Attitudes = Behaviors™ helps participants develop an awareness of their driving and create a plan of action to adequately change any negative driving behaviors.

As the most established and respected Traffic School in the United States, we have an array of courses that stress personal accountability and are an excellent educational tool for helping offenders learn more about the consequences of their actions, avoid points being assessed on their Motor Vehicle Record and avoid increased insurance rates.

In addition to our Court Diversion course offerings NTSI courses are taken across the United States to allow drivers an opportunity to receive a discount on auto insurance. Many states offer a discount of 5% to 15% for drivers who take the time to become safer, more responsible motor vehicle operators. Check your state to see if you can take an online or classroom NTSI course for insurance benefits or talk to your insurance provider to learn how much you can save.

NTSI has a long history of training drivers to satisfy employer requirements; we have trained more than 100 million individuals to be safer drivers. Today, we conduct 3,500 classes per year and help 400,000 customers annually to become safer drivers. If you’re looking to meet a job requirement you’ve come to the right place!

Commercial drivers are considered professionals who have met greater requirements and standards than have drivers with other types of licenses. Give your employees the training they need to succeed and stay safe while operating a vehicle on and off the job. To see our options for fleet driver training programs click here.


Many people believe they are excellent drivers yet overlook traffic laws—such as speeding—as it suits them, or drive in a manner that is less than courteous. The way you react to other drivers can have a huge impact on how you perform behind the wheel.

NTSI has a long history of providing Defensive Driving Courses that help individuals understand the consequences of their behavior on the road. Our online courses make it easy to get the credit you need without taking time away from your busy schedule.

Traffic Survival Workshop
(Level 1)

The Traffic Survival Workshop (TSW) is a 4 hour defensive driving program focused on developing strategies to reduce the risk of collisions and citations on the road. The TSW is a detailed program used for diverting or dismissing traffic citatiations, removal of traffic points, receipt of an insurance discount, an employer requirement, satisfying a court order, or on a volunteer basis to become a responsible and safe driver.

Aggressive Driving
(Level 2)

The Aggressive Driving program is an 8 hour defensive driving program aimed at enabling participants to identify patterns of behavior that have led to multiple citations, license suspension, or chronic-offender status by courts or licensing authorities. This course is designed for individuals with serious offenses, multiple citations or chronic driving issues and focuses on raising awareness and knowledge on how to effectively change driving behaviors to avoid future citations

SNAP — Safe New Attitude Program

SNAP is a  4 hour driver safety course designed to give new drivers the “tools” to always make safe driving choices. This course is intended for new drivers aged 16-25 and is an excellent program for specialized youth traffic programs, and parent or insurance company referrals.

Additional Programs

NTSI offers a variety of courses for behavioral modification, developing a sense of personal responsibility and ensuring safety. Courses include:

  • Petty Theft/Consumer Awareness
  • Anger Awareness Level 1 & 2
  • Alcohol and Drug Awareness
  • Driving Without Privileges
  • Youth Success
  • Youth Theft
  • Driving Without Privileges
  • Child Safety Restraint

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