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  • Lower your auto insurance
  • Receive up to five safe driving points
  • Satisfy a court requirement
  • Work at your own pace around your schedule
  • Complete the course from the comfort of your home
  • Take the final test ONLINE

Virginia Driver Improvement Clinic

The Virginia Online Driver Improvement Clinic (Level 1) contains the most current information on defensive driving, collision avoidance, and the dangers of alcohol and drugs. The Virginia Online Course fulfills the 8-hour requirement for the driver cited for minor traffic violations. Our Virginia course is also a DMV-licensed course. If you have been cited with a minor traffic violation, attending Virginia online traffic school can help you prevent additional points being added to your driving record. Attending online defensive driving school allows you to get course credit from the comfort of home—if you don’t have the time to fulfill your 8-hour defensive driving requirement in a traditional classroom setting. Attending online means you can bring the classroom to you, on your schedule!



  • The 8 hour Driver Improvement course must be completed within 30 days of registration
  • Any non-commercial driver 20 years old or older can take a driver improvement course either in person or online, but if you’re under 20 years old, you must take the course in a classroom
  • If a court assigns you to complete the Virginia Driver Improvement course, you will not be eligible to receive the insurance premium reduction
  • If a court requires you to complete a Virginia Driver Improvement course , the court determines if you will be awarded safe driving points


Program information:

NTSI offers the DMV accredited Virginia Driver Improvement course in a live classroom with a certified instructor or 100% online from the comfort of your home!

There are many reasons to attend NTSI’s Virginia Driver Improvement Course, including:

  • To receive a discount on auto insurance
  • A reduction of up to five points from your driving record, available every 12 months
  • As an employer requirement
  • To recognize and reflect on your current driving patterns and, where needed, learn ways to alter negative driving behaviors
  • To satisfy a court requirement
  • To develop safe and courteous defensive driving techniques

NTSI’s Virginia Driver Improvement Course contains the most current information on defensive driving, collision avoidance, and the dangers of alcohol and drugs.

This course fulfills the 8-hour traffic school requirement for the driver improvement clinic in the state of Virginia.

Sign up for your online Virginia Driver Improvement course today and enjoy the benefits countless others have already discovered!

  • Easy Registration
  • 24-Hour Access
  • Free Certificate of Completion
  • Electronic Reporting Directly to the DMV

Or find an NTSI Classroom near you to experience a cutting edge learning experience administered by one of our certified Defensive Driving Instructors.

To register for the Virginia Driver Improvement course, simply select the “Register” button above or contact our office at (800) 733-6874. Registering through our secure website is fast and easy; start your online course in just minutes from now!

The Driver Improvement course is comprised of easy to complete modules. At the end of each module, there are simple review questions to assess student comprehension. This course will be concluded with a final exam. A score of eighty percent (80%) or more is required to pass the exam.

Please note: Virginia students can now take their final exam online. Proctored tests are no longer required.

It’s that easy to complete the Driver Improvement course through NTSI.


More information:

If you have comments or concerns about this course, call the Department of Motor Vehicles at 1-877-885-5790.

The NTSI online Driver Improvement program has been created to be as convenient as possible for the student. It is designed as a 8 hour program, but you work at your own pace; you have complete control of when you log in, how many sessions you wish to complete the course in, and when you log out. You may complete the program in one sitting or use your User I.D. as many times as you wish to complete the reading according to your own schedule.

Upon registration for the Driver Improvement course you will create a username to gain immediate access to the program. If you exit the course or have your Internet connection disrupted your total time spent at that point is recorded. You may re-enter the course by entering your username and selecting the course title along the left hand side of the Main Menu to be redirected back to the position in the course where you exited.

Please Note: You must complete the Driver Improvement course by your court deadline date or 30 days from registration.

Thank you for choosing NTSI for your Driver Improvement course needs!


Cost: $45.00

  • Works Around Your Schedule
  • 100% Online (safe and secure!)
  • Start and Stop Whenever You Like


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