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National Traffic Safety Institute is the premier provider of a wide-range of Drivers Courses to satisfy court diversion requirements. Our Traffic School is for those with a suspended driver’s license, drivers looking for a ticket dismissal course, those who need a DUI course and for any drivers looking for a proactive way to increase their safety when behind the wheel. Founded in 1974, NTSI was among the first Traffic Schools intended for Ticket Dismissal. We are a driving force in traffic safety; it is our mission to make the roads a safer place, one driver at a time. NTSI programs are designed with the fundamental belief that every driver has the ability to be safer on the road. Applying our scientifically proven formula that Values + Attitude = Behavior, we’ve developed courses that drastically reduce collisions. Our students also receive less traffic citations than those who have not taken our drivers courses. NTSI Traffic Schools are among the highest rated in the United States and with classes in every state, NTSI has exactly what you need: Traffic School, Ticket Dismissal Courses, Suspended Drivers License courses, and more. We also offer a variety of California DUI courses. We have online programs for easy and convenient use as well as in-person classrooms where our highly trained instructors help drivers change their unsafe behaviors.