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The most common pitfall of starting a successful driving school is poor planning. Many times new schools attempt to get started before having a good operational business plan. A business plan should include start-up costs and how the school will afford advertising. A second major pitfall is attempting to rush into starting a school. Planning takes time and effort. Finally, poor performing schools tend to have poor customer service and poorly trained instructors. Remember, instructors are your usually your first contact with a student so it is important they conduct the class in a way that will leave a lasting impression, and leave them with a valuable learning experience.

The ideas shared below are 25 traits that are common to the top Fortune 500 companies as revealed in a survey conducted by Dr. Harold T. Smith of Brigham Young University.

1. Show care and concern for customers
2. Listen to the customer
3. Search beyond the common ideas for marketing
4. Be organized
5. Set written priorities
6. Set written goals
7. Give earned rewards and recognition
8. Communicate business decisions
9. Be prepared
10. Manage by objectives
11. Shift priorities accordingly
12. Work with purpose and enthusiasm
13. Set written schedules
14. Ask questions of and listen to customers
15. Investigate all customer complaints
16. Make all paperwork plain, clear and readable
17. Decide in advance who is responsible and for what
18. Have written job descriptions
19. Have a written organization structure
20. Use team building techniques
21. Have a written budget and operate within its limits
22. Share benefits
23. Be a role model in the community
24. Get involved in local organizations
25. Become a life-long learner

NTSI has avoided many pitfalls and instead followed these tricks for success. Since starting in 1974, we now offer classes throughout the country both in person and online to carry out our goal of equipping drivers to drive safely. To learn more about NTSI and our defensive driving courses, click here to visit our website or contact us at 800-588-6874!


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