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Our Florida online BDI course is now available in Spanish!


Our Washington online Spanish Traffic Level 1 class is available now through our website as an alternative to our Washington online English Traffic Level 1 course for those who can’t read English. There are numerous benefits to this course such as point reduction or  ticket dismissal depending on which state they live in. But even without any court order or financial reason, anyone is able to take this course simply for a refresher of the rules of the road in order to become better drivers. Click here to learn more about that course!

This Washington online Spanish Traffic Level 1 course is a four (4) hour, or six (6) hour for the state of Idaho, timed course provided at $39.95, or $29.95 for the state of Idaho. When registering, users create an account for their course through our website. Because of this, accounts are accessible 24/7 and users can log in and out to complete the course with their progress saved each time. The course allows two attempts to complete the final test, although most pass on the first attempt. We offer this online Spanish option for all of our Traffic Level 1 courses in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

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Our online Spanish course is offered in multiple states!

The material in this course covers road rules, traffic signs, drinking while driving, distracted driving, driving in adverse weather, and more. No matter how long ago you took Driver’s Ed, you’ll likely be glad for the refresher and you may learn about more recent research on a variety of topics! With so much of the population spending several hours during the week driving, defensive driving is an extremely important issue to be aware of! Check out NHTSA’s website to learn more.

Thousands of customers have taken our courses and benefited in more ways than one. Learn how to be a safer driver today! Visit our website to register online now or call us at 800-588-6874 to find out how this course can benefit you!

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