Theft / Consumer Awareness



Reduce the likelihood of future theft / shoplifting / bad-check incidents through participant’s acceptance of personal responsibility and development of a plan to reduce future theft behavior.


  • Examination of how Values and Attitudes impact Behavior
  • Acceptance of responsibility for actions that led to the participant’s arrest or incident that led to their attendance in the class
  • Understand the consequences of future illegal behavior
  • Assist participants identify the importance of making better future decisions
  • Development of personal commitment a plan to avoid future theft-related problems and/or arrest

Consumer Base

Theft/Consumer Awareness program is designed for a variety of minor theft offenses (i.e. shoplifting, bad checks, theft of services, theft of property). Individuals are usually referred by courts, probation officers or diversion program officials to NTSI Theft/ Consumer Awareness Workshops. The course is designed to accommodate various types of theft offenses.

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