SNAP – Safe New Attitude Program – A Young Driver Safety Course (Online version)


Experience may be the best teacher, but for new drivers gaining that experience comes with some risks. Young drivers are at a greater risk of having accidents on the road because they have less experience looking for signs of potential hazards that can lead to accidents. This driving course is designed to give novice drivers the tools they need to become more aware of the conditions around them and the kinds of responses that will help ensure their safety and that of other drivers.

At NTSI, we offer the online version of the Safe New Attitude Program (SNAP) so that higher risk drivers can learn what it takes to reduce their risks behind the wheel. Like all of our defensive driving courses, we incorporate the idea of personal accountability into driving to help individuals understand the potential outcomes of their actions. This course will help young drivers make better decisions, develop a positive attitude behind the wheel and become courteous drivers.

Give new drivers the “tools” to make better safe driving choices.

New online version of classroom SNAP program
  • 4 hour online program for high-risk drivers ages 16-25
  • Designed specifically for novice drivers – emphasis on risk taking and similar issues with new drivers such as distractions (texting), alcohol/drug awareness and dangers
  • Focus on the proper driver attitude with an emphasis on better decision making
  • An excellent program for specialized youth traffic programs/ parent/insurance company referrals
  • Available in English language

Cost of the course is $39.95

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Parents can also benefit when their teens take the course and may be qualify for insurance discounts for their children. Because young drivers aged 16 – 25 are automatically classified as “high risk,” they will have to pay higher insurance rates—often much higher—than other drivers. In some cases, insurance companies will offer a discount in return for a successfully completed course.