Traffic Survival Level 2



The NTSI Aggressive Driving class is designed for individuals who have been specifically for aggressive driving or for offenses that are similar or highly risky. The course helps participants examine the triggers and causes for aggressive driving and learn how to avoid such encounters.

The Aggressive Driving is an intense workshop that deals with anger awareness and management, causes of stress and frustration and ends with the development of an action plan for avoidance of this serious driving behavior. Federal government and state definitions and penalties are also included to deter this highway safety problem.


  • Assist participants to accept responsibility for negative or aggressive driving behaviors
  • Recognize and evaluate one’s current driving habits and where needed, learn ways to change negative driving behavior
  • Examine lifestyle and other issues that may be contributing to unsafe and/or illegal behavior
  • Understand the legal and other consequences of legal problems due to driving issues
  • Development of personal commitment a plan to avoid future driving related problems

Consumer Base

The NTSI Aggressive Driving program is designed for individuals who have been cited for aggressive driving or road rage. The course is utilized mostly by courts and probation offices as a condition of sentencing.

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