Youth Alcohol/Drug Awareness



Provide seminar attendees with important information on the dangers of alcohol and drug use and abuse and how these drugs impact their minds/bodies, lives and families.


  • Educate attendees about various drugs (illicit, prescribed and over-the-counter), how each is classified and dangers of using these substances
  • Help attendees understand the dangers of underage drinking including legal implications of minor in possession or driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs
  • Comprehend why trust is important and how decisions about use of controlled and non-controlled substances impact trust
  • Understand the dangers of use of alcohol/drugs including driving privilege consequences and school and legal implications

Consumer Base

This program is for any individual ages 12-17 who need vital information about preventing use of alcohol/drugs or for individuals who have been deemed to have violated school polices, codes and laws relating to these substances.

The NTSI Youth Alcohol/Drug Awareness program is an excellent referral resource for parents, schools (school resource officers), youth diversion programs, juvenile probation departments/courts, peer courts or any other community organization. Attendance may be either voluntary or mandatory.

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