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Join us for a summer of SAFER driving with NTSI Fleet’s upcoming webinar, packed with valuable insights and practical tips!

Join us for essential defensive driving tips tailored for fleet drivers during the scorching summer months, and learn how to create a SAFER driving environment while preparing your fleet for the unique challenges of summer driving.

Register today to reserve your spot before it’s too late! Seats are limited!

Join Principal NTSI Fleet Instructor Garret Heaton as he shares how to:

  • Understand behavior modification and its role in SAFER driving, with a focus on Summer fleet driving.
  • Identify why summer fleet driving requires heightened awareness and strategies.
  • Explore how heat-related fatigue, increased traffic, and greater pedestrian activity affect drivers.
  • Examine insights for driving van and high-profile vehicles in Summer conditions.
  • Explore the K + V + A = B equation for SAFER driving, emphasizing safe summer fleet driving tips.
Summer SAFER fleet driving

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