Washington Anger Awareness Level 2

NTSI’s Washington Anger Awareness programs are designed for individuals who have been identified as having trouble situational problems managing anger.

  • Satisfy a court order

  • Pretrial Diversion

  • Condition of probation

  • Employer referrals

Anger Awareness Level 2

How Our Training Works

These classes are held on two pre-selected, consecutive Saturdays from 8am to 5pm. Students must pre-register and pre-pay to attend. Anyone can register for this course by contacting 1-800-588-6874! Students receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of the day. Send that certificate to your court, court, DMV, attorney, employer, or other referring agency as proof of completion. It’s that easy to complete the Washington Anger Awareness Level 2 course through NTSI!

Course Description

Workshop Goal:

To enable students to identify recurrent or serious anger problems and learn about techniques to address these problems and seek out additional resources, if needed.


  • Identify patterns of anger and how to address such patterns.
  • Accept responsibility for actions that led to the participant’s arrest or incident that led to their attendance in the class.
  • To understand stress and its influence on the body and one’s behavior.
  • To understand how Values and Attitude relate to aggressive Behavior through use of an Anger Log.
  • Assist participants in learning stress management to reduce the likelihood of anger problems.
  • Develop a plan of personal commitment to avoid future anger-related problems and/or arrest.

Topics Include:

  • Anger & Aggression Role of Communication
  • Stress Management Recognizing & Managing Anger
  • Choice & Responsibility Role of Drugs & Alcohol on Anger
  • Nature of Relaxation Personal Action Plan
  • Breaking the Cycle Strategies
  • Values + Attitude = Behavior

Appropriate Referral Types:

NTSI’s Washington Anger Awareness – Level 2 Program is designed for individuals who have either recurrent anger / aggressive behavior issues or for individuals who have been involved in a serious anger/aggression incident. Appropriate referrals to this course include those with multiple arrests involving anger or aggressive behavior (no domestic violence) or employers who feel an employee needs to address anger issues. The program is usually required as a condition of the Court and is suitable for diversion or as a condition of probation.

This course helps with point reduction purposes in states with a point system. Youth offenders are also referred to this course as a remedial course for violations of the provisional licensing system.

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