Wet and Reckless California 6 Week DUI Classes Near You

Looking for DUI classes near you? This 6 Week (12 hour) DUI class is designed for those people who were found guilty of drinking and driving but had a blood alcohol content at or below the legal limit of .08 (wet and reckless).

Wet and Reckless California 6 Week (12 Hour) DUI Program

What is Wet and Reckless?

A wet and reckless is also known as an alcohol-related reckless driving. It is a typical result of a first offense DUI plea in California, in which the defendant pleads guilty to a drunk driving offense. A wet and reckless will count as a prior drunk driving offense in California, if you are arrested and charged in the subsequent 10 years.

Generally, this is a lesser penalty than a DUI conviction, which can result in up to 5 years of probation, and a court-mandated 6 month license suspension, in addition to any DMV administrative license suspension.

Program Information

This 6 Week (12 Hour) DUI class is designed for those people who were found guilty of drinking and driving but had a blood alcohol content at or below the legal limit of .08. Our licensed, professional instructors guide you through an education experience that both informs and empowers you to make better choices in the future to avoid a DUI in the State of California.

Required Sessions

Education Class: A combinations of lecture and films (six classes, two hours each).

The following situations may be on record with the DMV which may conflict with the court order;

  • Out of State DUI’s.
  • DUI programs not completed for arrests more than ten years ago.
  • DUI’s not yet sentenced.
  • Out of County DUI’s.

Please verify with the California DMV the exact program completion required for reinstatement of your driving privilege.

Orientation Appointment

Before receiving services, a mandatory orientation is required to explain the rules and requirements, assess program fees and determine method of payment.
Written notice of all activities, schedules, times and classroom assignments  are given to each participant at this time.

To request an orientation date, use our Orientation Date Request Form or call the appropriate office listed below:

Northern California – 800-286-6874
Southern California – 714-953-5200

Schedule a DUI Class Near You!

Northern California (San Jose)

Tuesday10am & 6:30pm
Thursday10am & 6:30pm

Southern California (Santa Ana)

Wednesday8pm (Spanish)
Saturday12:30pm (English)

Southern California (Laguna Hills)

Thursday6pm (English)
Saturday3pm (Spanish)

Additional Information

This 6-Week (12-Hour) DUI program meets the requirements for conviction of an offense outlined in 23-140 for 18-20 year olds and also 23-103 wet reckless charge for all adult ages.

This information is true for most people and most cases, but not all. Any specific questions regarding your case should be directed to your convicting court.

Any questions regarding your driver’s license or driving privileges should be directed to the Mandatory Actions unit of the DMV, at (916) 657-6525.

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