Distracted Driver Online Course


Course Goal


To enable students to identify patterns of behavior that could lead to collisions and citations due to a distracted driver.

NOTE: This course does NOT count toward point reduction or ticket dismissal.
  • Cost: $22.95
  • Length: Two (2) hours
  • Languages: English only
  • Format: Online only

Security Questions

Aside from course content, there are security questions that will pop up throughout the course. These are to ensure that the student is the person taking the course. Students have 60 seconds to answer these questions. If not answered, the student will be temporarily locked out of his or her course. Simply call our office at 800-588-6874 to access your account! Students will not lose their progress in the course.

Course Structure

This course involves an introduction and three (3) modules ranging in suggested length of time. These modules are not timed. At the end of each module, there are two (2) quiz questions. Students will be alerted if their answer is correct or incorrect. These questions are not graded and do not disqualify you if not answered correctly; they are only for review purposes.

Take the Pledge

Before the final test, students will be asked to Take the Pledge and make a promise to stop being a Distracted Driver. In addition to providing students with information about the dangers of being a distracted driver, we also want to give students a chance to apply their new knowledge by making a commitment to safe driving from this day forward. This pledge includes signing and dating a document before printing it off.

Final Test

There is a final test at the end of the course with ten (10) questions. This test is not timed. Students must answer at least 80% of the questions correctly to pass. Your test is automatically graded. If you should receive less than the passing score of 80%, you will be notified and immediately allowed to retake the test. You have three (3) attempts. If you fail the final exam more than three (3) times, you will be permanently disqualified and will need to start the registration process again. Once you pass, you can click ‘register your completion code.’ This will re-route you to your main account screen where you can click link ‘print certificate’ to the right of your Distracted Driver course title to print your certificate of completion. If you are unable to print your certificate at the time of completion, you can log back into your account at a later time from any computer to print off your certificate.

NTSI knows that drivers are busy and that there are many distractions on the road. Please make a commitment yourself and your family to stop being a Distracted Driver and wait to call, text, or engage in any activity that would take your eyes off the road. You and your passengers are too important for you to be a Distracted Driver!

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