Traffic Survival Level 1



The NTSI Traffic Survival Level 1 driving safety course is designed for anyone who desires to improve their driving habits by attending this defensive driving course. Reasons for attending this course include: citation dismissal, point reduction, diversion of citation, insurance discount, to fulfill an employer requirement or for personal enrichment.


  • Help participants understand how their attitudes affect their driving
  • Recognize and evaluate their current driving habits and where needed learn ways to change negative driving behavior
  • Better understand and use safe and economical defensive driving techniques
  • Discover the benefits of being a responsible and courteous driver
  • Familiarize students with traffic law

Consumer Base

The Traffic Survival Level I program is designed for the individual who is attending the program on a voluntary basis to receive a reduction in points on their license, to receive an insurance discount, as an employer requirement or to satisfy a court order.

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