State Driver’s License Formats


State License Format
Alabama 1-8Numeric
Alaska 1-7Numeric
Arizona 1 Alpha + 8 Numeric OR 9 Numeric
Arkansas 4-9Numeric
California 1Alpha+7Numeric
Colorado 9Numeric or 1Alpha+3-6Numeric or 2Alpha+2-5Numeric
Connecticut 9Numeric;
Delaware 1-7Numeric
District of Columbia 7Numeric or 9Numeric
Florida 1Alpha+12Numeric
Georgia 7-9Numeric
Hawaii 1Alpha+8Numeric or 9Numeric
Idaho 2Alpha+6Numeric+1Alpha or 9Numeric
Illinois 1Alpha+11Numeric or 1Alpha+12Numeric
Indiana 1Alpha+9Numeric or 9Numeric or 10Numeric
Iowa 9Numeric or 3Numeric+2Alpha+4Numeric
Kansas 1Alpha+1Numeric+1Alpha+1Numeric+1Alpha or 1Alpha+8Numeric or 9Numeric
Kentucky 1Alpha+8Numeric or 1Alpha+9Numeric or 9Numeric
Louisiana 1-9Numeric
Maine 7Numeric or 7Numeric+1Alpha or 8Numeric
Maryland 1Alpha+12Numeric
Massachusetts 1Alpha+8Numeric or 9Numeric
Michigan 1Alpha+10Numeric or 1Alpha+12Numeric
Minnesota 1Alpha+12Numeric
Mississippi 9Numeric
Missouri 1Alpha+5-9Numeric or 1Alpha+6Numeric+R or 8Numeric+2Alpha or 9Numeric+1Alpha or 9Numeric
Montana 1Alpha+8Numeric or 13Numeric or 9Numeric or 14Numeric
Nebraska 1Alpha+6-8Numeric
Nevada 9Numeric or 10Numeric or 12Numeric or X+8Numeric
New Hampshire 2Numeric+3Alpha+5Numeric
New Jersey 1Alpha+14Numeric
New Mexico 8Numeric or 9Numeric
New York 1Alpha+7Numeric or 1Alpha+18Numeric or 8Numeric or 9Numeric or 16 Numeric or 8Alpha
North Carolina 1-12Numeric
North Dakota 3Alpha+6Numeric or 9Numeric
Ohio 1Alpha+4-8Numeric or 2Alpha+3-7Numeric or 8Numeric
Oklahoma 1Alpha+9Numeric or 9Numeric
Oregon 1-9Numeric
Pennsylvania 8Numeric
Rhode Island 7Numeric or 1Alpha+6Numeric
South Carolina 5-11Numeric
South Dakota 6-10Numeric or 12Numeric
Tennessee 7-9Numeric
Texas 7-8Numeric
Utah 4-10Numeric
Vermont 8Numeric or 7Numeric+A
Virginia 1Alpha+8-to-11Numeric or 9Numeric
Washington 1-7Alpha+any combination of Alpha, Numeric, or * for a total of 12 characters
West Virginia 7Numeric or 1-2Alpha+5-6Numeric
Wisconsin 1Alpha+13Numeric
Wyoming 9-10Numeric