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2024 is a momentous year for NTSI Fleet and SAFER Driving because NTSI is turning 50 this year!


Fifty years ago, when “The Way We Were” and bell-bottoms were still trending, Dr. Jeffrey M. Chase shifted gears in the world of driver safety by founding NTSI. Join us in celebrating our golden anniversary this year, with 50 years of proven effectiveness in driver safety and education.

From the era of the Mercedes 450S and the Mustang II (forgot about that one, didn’t you?) NTSI has evolved (just like Mustang!).

Yet the core NTSI mission remains unchanged: empowering drivers to make informed, responsible, SAFER driving decisions behind the wheel. Our courses focus on instilling a culture of personal responsibility and positive driving attitudes. They also bring reduced premiums and lower insurance rates for the companies that use NTSI Fleet SAFER Driving Training!

Think of NTSI Fleet as your SAFER Driving GPS for navigating the roads of life – always guiding you to make the safest turn.

Whether it’s onsite Fleet training with our certified instructors, a convenient online course, or our in-depth Train-the-Trainer Fleet program, we’ve got you covered. NTSI Fleet is like having the best co-pilot by your side, no matter where your driving journey takes you.

Want to learn more?

Join us on February 20, 2024 @ 10:30am PST for a FREE Webinar on The Formula for SAFER Driving Success and delve deeper into Dr. Chase’s effective formula of Values + Attitude = Behavior; a formula that is founded on the fundamental belief that every driver has the ability to be safer on the road.

For 50 years NTSI has been a pioneer in SAFER driving programs and much like the 1974 Mercedes and Mustang II that are still on the road today, NTSI Fleet is in it for the long haul.

Happy Birthday NTSI, thank you for 50 years of SAFER Driving!

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