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March Madness has arrived!  Yet there is another kind of madness on the roads that we, at NTSI Fleet, are aiming to bench—unsafe driving practices.

The Winning Strategy for Safe Driving

At the heart of NTSI Fleet is a simple formula:

Values + Attitudes = Behavior. This is the simple formula on which the NTSI Fleet stands. Our attitude towards driving goes straight to affect our driving behavior, whether in a Fleet vehicle or Family car, setting the stage for a win in road safety.

Key Plays for Safe Driving This March

To ensure you’re driving safely, consider the following strategies from the NTSI Fleet playbook:

  • Scout Your Route: Just like a coach who scouts the opponent, know your driving environment. Plan your trip and anticipate traffic conditions.
  • Assist with Technology: Just like instant replays help referees make the correct call, assist is using technological tools in keeping your focus on your driving. Not to distract from it.
  • Foul-free Communication: Good communication is key on the basketball court to win or lose the game. Apply that on the road by allowing those calls to go to voicemail or set up an automatic text response when driving. Road Focus: Distracted driving can present massive consequences.
  • Eyes on the Ball: Distracted driving could lead to massive outcomes. Keeping the eyes on the road should be part and parcel of the driving process.
  • Rebound from Mistakes: Develop the ability of recognizing when they got off track with the safe driving habit for even a short while. Identify errors and re-establish and realign with safer practices.


Driving Home the Message of Safe Driving

This March, let’s transform the energy of March Madness into a commitment to making safer driving choices. With the NTSI formula of embracing behavior change, partake of the March festivity without giving an inch to the safety of your own life. Adrenaline from March Madness should remain on the court and not leave our roads injured and insecure. NTSI Fleet is your partner in helping you stay on the path for safe driving. Join us through March and beyond in keeping all of that fun about this season just that: fun—unmarred by preventable accidents. Give a hand and join forces that we all might be safe together.

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