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Just like Ric Ocasek sang “Let the good times roll,” NTSI wants to keep the beat the Summer fleet safety tips rolling too! Cars to fleets, that’s how NTSI rolls.

So, before we quote any more 70’s songs, here are seven essential fleet safety tips to ensure your fleet remains safe and secure during the summer months.

Regular Vehicle Maintenance

Check tires for wear, examine brakes and fluid levels, and confirm that air conditioning systems are fully operational. Regular maintenance and inspections can identify potential issues before they become road hazards.

Hydration and Rest Breaks

Encourage your fleet drivers to stay hydrated by providing plenty of water and fluids. Additionally, stress the importance of taking regular breaks to rest and cool down, especially during peak heat hours. Well-rested and hydrated drivers are more alert and focused.

Monitor Tire Conditions

High temperatures can cause tire pressure to fluctuate, increasing the risk of blowouts. Use a tire pressure monitoring system to keep track of tire pressure and temperature in real-time. Regularly check and adjust tire pressure to ensure optimal performance and safety, particularly on hot days.

Summer fleet safety tips

Strategic Route Planning

Summer often means increased traffic, preoccupied pedestrians, and road construction (why more construction, because the sunny days lead to less construction delays), leading to slowdowns, congestion, and gridlock. Plan routes to avoid heavy traffic and construction zones when possible. Utilize GPS and navigation systems to find alternate routes, reducing travel time and minimizing the risk of accidents.

Sun Glare Protection

Sun glare can significantly impair visibility, increasing the risk of accidents, especially during early morning and late afternoon. Equip vehicles with sun visors and sunglasses to reduce glare. Encourage your drivers to use windshield shades when parked to prevent the vehicle’s interior from overheating.

Prepare for Severe Weather

Extreme weather events can disrupt fleet operations. Develop contingency plans and emergency protocols for weather-related disruptions. Ensure drivers are familiar with emergency procedures and have essential supplies like emergency kits, flashlights, and first aid kits.

Driver Education on Summer Hazards

Provide comprehensive training on summer driving hazards and safety measures. Emphasize defensive driving techniques such as maintaining a safe following distance, anticipating sudden stops, and being vigilant for pedestrians and cyclists. Educating fleet drivers on these risks helps them make informed decisions on the road.

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Ensure safety, stay cool, rock out, and maintain smooth fleet operations this summer with NTSI Fleet!

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