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The April showers might bring May flowers, but they also turn our roads into slick runways!

Keep your Fleet SAFER this Spring, rain or shine, with a sprinkle of driver safety tips, because safety is always in season.

1. Tires: Think of them as Wellies for your Vehicle

Check Your Treads: Like the perfect pair of rain boots, your tires need deep treads to keep the slip-and-slide at bay. Proper tire grip reduces hydroplaning risk, making every journey safer.

2. Lights On: Misty rain may be cinematic, but when driving Visibility Matters

Clean and Clear: Keep your vehicle’s headlights clean and fully functional. Good visibility is essential for both seeing and being seen.

3. Speed: It is not a race, so drive with a Mindful Pace

Moderate Your Speed: Adapt your speed to the conditions. On wet roads, a slower, steadier pace can prevent unwanted slides and skids.

4. Following Distance: It also isn’t a chase, so Respect Space

Increase Your Buffer: Extend the following distance between you and the vehicle ahead. More space means more time to react, a simple yet effective safety boost.

5. Wipers: Ever get rain on your glasses, now imagine that blur at 60 MPH

Maintenance is Key: Ensure your windshield wipers are in good condition to maintain clear visibility. It’s a small detail that makes a big difference.

6. Puddle Strategy: The puddles call to us too, but they are a menace to Vehicles

Avoid Assumptions: Treat April showers puddles with caution, as they can be deeper than they appear. Avoiding puddles, if possible, when driving is the best strategy (of course stomping puddles when walking is the best fun!).

This Spring, drive and arrive in full bloom with NSTI Fleet as your driving safety partner.

Stay smart, drive SAFER!

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