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April is a beautiful month with Spring on the move, and this April NTSI Fleet wants to remind you that it is also National Distracted Driving Awareness Month. This year, the spotlight is on “Put the Phone Away or Pay.”

Smartphones, while integral to our daily lives, must never be in our hands when driving—it’s non-negotiable (yes, even for you!).

Particularly for fleet and professional drivers in vans and high-profile vehicles, where visibility is limited and weights are higher, you can’t afford a second of distraction from your phone.

Why Fleet Drivers, Fleet Managers, and Everyone Should Care

Last year, distracted driving was a factor in thousands of fatal road accidents. For fleet drivers, the stakes are even higher. Not only are you responsible for your own life, but also the safety of others, and the integrity of the goods you’re transporting.

Phone-Free SAFER Driving Tips for Fleet Drivers and Beyond

  • Leverage Technology Wisely: Utilize hands-free devices for essential communication. Better yet, schedule calls during breaks or when you’re not on the road.
  • Pre-Plan Your Routes: Use your downtime to set up your navigation and any necessary stops. If changes are needed, pull over safely to adjust your plans.
  • Store Your Phone Out of Sight: Keep your phone in a place where you won’t be tempted to reach for it. Out of sight, out of mind. Out of hand, out of danger.
  • Commit to SAFER Driving Practices: Make a personal commitment to keep your phone down and focus on the road. Encourage your team to take the pledge as well.
  • Spread the Message: Use your influence within your fleet and broader network to promote the “Put the Phone Away or Pay” campaign. Your leadership can inspire others to follow suit.
Get your phone away, do not text while driving

This April, let’s all (Fleet, Family, and Friends!) pledge to make the roads SAFER by putting our phones away while driving.

Drive SAFER with NTSI Fleet, together we can make a significant impact.

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