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Today is the Spring Equinox! Here in Washington State, where NTSI Fleet is headquartered, Spring officially sprang for us as we enjoyed a most excellent weekend of warmth and blooms and hopes of SAFER Driving.

The Spring Equinox marks when day and night balance perfectly, and it is also an ideal moment to spotlight the balance that is fleet and driver safety awareness.

Why? Because the changing season brings with it unique driving conditions and challenges, from wet roads, to sneezing while driving, and increased pedestrian activity.

Embracing the spirit of the Spring Equinox means not only celebrating new beginnings, but also renewing our commitment to SAFER driving practices.

Key Points of SAFER Driver Awareness for Spring

Spring driving calls for adaptability and sharp awareness from fleet drivers and owners. Seasonal changes, from unpredictable weather to longer days, affect driving conditions and require a keen focus on both safety and vehicle preparedness.

  • Manage Spring Sneezes: Keep tissues close and use air recirculation to combat allergies. Grip the wheel firmly when sneezing and pull over if necessary for safety. Don’t take allergy medicine that could make you drowsy.
  • Watch Out for Wet Roads or Spring Gusts: Spring rain can make highways slick and obscure potholes filled with water. Spring winds can wreak havoc on Vans & High Profile Vehicles. Practice safer driving by slowing down, maintaining a safe following distance, securing your load, and ensuring your vehicle’s lights and wipers are in good working order.
  • Be Mindful of More Pedestrians and Cyclists: With the warmer weather, expect an increase in pedestrians and cyclists sharing the road. Pay extra attention at crosswalks and in residential areas.
  • Adjust to Changing Light Conditions: The longer days mean changes in light conditions that can affect your visibility and perception on the road. Be particularly cautious during dawn and dusk, when the sun can be directly in your line of sight.
  • Beware of Wildlife: Spring is a time of increased activity for wildlife. Be vigilant, especially in rural and wooded areas, to avoid unexpected encounters with animals crossing roads.
  • Vehicle Maintenance: Transitioning out of winter, ensure a thorough check and maintenance of the fleet, focusing on tires, brakes, lights, and fluid levels to keep vehicles safe and efficient. Maintenance is an everyday GOAL (Get Out And Look!).
  • Driver Well-being: Spring’s longer days can alter sleep patterns. Emphasize the importance of rest to prevent fatigue and maintain alertness, so your Fleet stays Fit!

Embrace Spring with SAFER Driving

As we say adieu to winter and ahoy to Spring, remember that NTSI Fleet emphasizes the importance of SAFER driving practices in every season. Now go get out there and warm your Winter bones in the Spring sun and always, stay safe!

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