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Keep in mind that every time you hop in your automobile, you are the director of your own story. Even in the glitz and glamour of the Oscars, where tales of success, perseverance, and change captivate us, getting home safely is the ultimate prize. In the driving world, SAFER driving techniques are the script that gets us there.

The NTSI Fleet driver safety instruction is the highest form of driver behavior modification and road safety, just like the Academy Awards were the highest form of filmmaking (and John Cena’s costume design…).

Our formula at NTSI Fleet: Values + Attitudes = Behavior, wins first place.

This one formula undergirds all our work; it’s simple yet significant. It’s about encouraging a personal growth that starts from inside, not only about providing SAFER Fleet driving training and educating the regulations of the road.

Taking a cue from the Academy Awards, where the best of the best take home the trophy, let’s give special recognition to the following SAFER Driving Training practices:

When using Driving Techniques to the best of your ability, remember the NTSI Fleet’s guiding principle: Values + Attitudes = Behavior.

Editing at its finest: Remove any mention of dangerous driving habits or diversions. Make sure your route only includes the most secure driving techniques by editing it.

Optimal Visual Effects: Pay close attention to the road and your immediate environment. Amazing things happen when vision is crystal clear, just like in the movies.

Best Original Score: Use defensive driving techniques to tune into the rhythm of the road. Embrace the trip with the harmony of values, attitudes, and behavior.

Award for Lifetime Achievement: Dedicate yourself to learning new things and making your driving safer every day. Similar to how the Academy Awards recognize legendary performers, NTSI Fleet honors drivers who relentlessly pursue greatness.

Driving Techniques during the Oscars Night

Let us, NTSI Fleet, your SAFER Driving training partner, be inspired to make every drive an award-winning performance as the Oscars draw to a conclusion. Like this article? Check out our other Tuesday Tips.

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